Quarzwerke GmbH

13 Sep 2023 - 13 Sep 2023


As part of the Europe-wide EuropeanMinerals Days, we offered a very special geological tour in Frechen.

Geologist @sven.von.loga was looking for rocks with our NaSa children: we came across a fascinating selection of mineral treasures, including lydite, milky quartz, sandstone, red iron pebble and shale. Milky quartz stands out for its amazing variety of colors and accounts for 90% of our discoveries. Interestingly, lydite is a sedimentary rock that comes from the depths of the oceans – a true rarity. Although we did not find any agate, one of the semi-precious stones, directly, there is a presumption that it is hiding in our collection. The white round stone in one of our pictures turns out to be a rock crystal of value.
There is no doubt that our expedition has unearthed an astonishing variety of minerals.

See photos here.